Geomines, partner of the European cinema industry

If the Geomines’ teams operate mainly on behalf of major operators, be they from the public or private sector, they are also involved in the preparation of major European film productions!

Geomines’ teams have thus contributed to the pre-production of…


Geomines contributes to the securing of the Terres de Rouvière area

In Nimes, in the Gard area, Geomines contributes to the securing of Terres de Rouvière. The above-mentioned site consists of 45 hectares, recently acquired from the French army by the city of Nimes. The newly-transferred site will soon serve as…


Geomines and Tellus Environment: partnering for high-quality and high-technology field surveys

Geomines, the Risk&Co Group’s dedicated mine clearance Business Unit has signed a partnership agreement with Tellus Environment.

Tellus Environment is an innovative startup company, incubated within the Laboratoire de Mathématiques de l’Université de Bretagne Occidentale. Over the years, the company has…


Geomines opens new premises to better welcome clients and employees

Geomines, the Risk & Co Group’s mine clearing Business Unit, has inaugurated its new offices, located at Six-fours-les-plages (83), on January 17th, 2019.

Implanted since 2004 in the Var area, in southern France, Geomines and its teams thereby confirms their…


Geomines, partner of the ministry of the Armed Forces for mine clearance operations in Isère, France


As part of its mine clearance activities, Geomines, the Risk&Co Group’s dedicated Business Unit has been conducting field works on behalf of the ministry of the Armed Forces, since September 2018.

The field works take place in the framework…