Excavation and drilling security by Geomines

Excavation and drilling security operations help remove all risks associated with drilling close to and/or on top of buried UXOs. The discovery and identification of UXOs can open the way to clearance operations as a consequence.

Geomines’ teams rely on the diversity of their equipment to carry out all type of surveys from the surface (deep magnetometry, GeoRadar or electromagnetism).

A proven methodology

Thanks to many years of fruitful collaboration with public works and infrastructure development actors, in particular in the harbour and road construction fields, Geomines’ teams interact on a daily basis with their interlocutors in charge of environmental and geotechnical studies.

In the Oil & Gas sector, such cooperation has enabled Geomines’ teams to develop a methodology adapted to the sector’s specific constraints. In order to ensure the safety of boreholes and drilling operations as a whom, Geomines adapts its detection method to the kind of expected munitions’ contamination and to local terrain conditions.

Our added-value: dedicated tools for drilling areas

When UXO surveys suggest it or when traditional instruments reach their technological limits, Geomines’ teams operate their own dedicated drilling tools. The associated methodology allows to carry out magnetic anomaly measurements in one or more drilling areas, in order to obtain the precise location of a potential target and assess the pollution level of explosives in the considered areas, whether in land or underwater.