Bordeaux Airport: Geomines in charge of survey and clearance operations

A team of Geomines intervened in April to conduct a survey before carrying out a relocation operation and target identification, as part of a project to develop a two-hectare-plot on Bordeaux Airport site. The recent discovery of a 20 lbs…


Geomines’ expertise requested in the construction of the second pontoon bridge of the French Navy’s multi-mission frigates (FREMM)

After the construction, in 2012, of the first pontoon bridge by the Brest Infrastructure Department, a second facility will give Geomines a new opportunity to demonstrate its expertise. The teams in charge of underwater diagnoses and works will deploy their…


Geomines’ experts to secure the future pool & swimming complex of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Geomines’ teams have been selected to perform pyrotechnic clearance operations, in order to secure the future pool & swimming complex for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The “La Plaine Saulnier” site, which will be located in Saint-Denis (93), right next to…


Geomines’ knowhow highlighted in the specialised public works press

Travaux, a magazine known for its coverage of public works, in France and abroad, has become, since its foundation in 1917, a real showcase for all professions and services contributing to such works.

The 949th edition of the magazine, published…


Moving on with Hyperloop project: Geomines provides critical support with ground work operations

Geomines, the Risk&Co Group’s dedicated mine clearance Business Unit was recently requested by the Toulouse Metropolis (Toulouse metropole) to assist with works carried out in the framework of the so-called Hyperloop project.

The Hyperloop project aims at developing a high…