What is underwater pollution ?

Wars have left the waters littered with various types of explosive devices.

Past air and naval bombing campaigns, former mine laying operations, the dumping of ammunition at sea as well as the presence of ship and aircraft wrecks all now pose a tremendous challenge for port and dock expansions, the laying of pipelines and cables and wind turbines implementation at sea.

Underwater clearance operations apply to explosive ordnance immerged in territorial waters and inland waters alike, such as lakes, rivers, harbours, ponds and canals.

A necessary mission, in France an abroad

On September 2, 2020, a beach in Frejus, South of France, was closed following the discovery by a swimmer of a bomb about ten meters from the beach. A GDP team intervened to move and destroy the device. The beaches of the Atlantic coast are not spared. Ammunition and weapons discoveries regularly take place on the beach of Vendays-Montalivet in Gironde : last May a walker discovered 22 bombs and in August a man carried a bomb to the nearest campsite first aid post rather than report its discovery to the authorities.

Worldwide, UXO underwater pollution is a much more recent threat. French demining divers had destroyed 1,240 mines dumped between March and July 1991 in Kuwait at the end of the Gulf War. In Yemen, the port of Hodeïda will be a major priority in order to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population.

Underwater clearance by Geomines

Underwater clearance operations form an integral part of Geomines’ DNA. Our divers, who all hold more than 20 years of French Navy experience and continuous trainings within Geomines, are holders of a hyperbaric suitability certificate class II or III mention A conduct mine-clearance operations at any depths.

Geomines holds the certification of companies made compulsory since January 1, 2020 by application of the order of September 29, 2017 relating to hyperbaric works.

Other services at sea are possible

Geomines’ teams can intervene for various types of missions: destruction at sea in compliance with local regulations, impact studies at sea following the use of explosives or means that disturb the underwater environment, hull inspection, underwater environment protection with bubble curtains, etc.

Operations and works carried out by our teams of divers are conducted with full respect of the environment.