Happy new year 2021

Geomines team wishes you a wonderful year 2021 ! 🌟

We wish you all the best of health, happiness and success.

We remain fully committed to the success of your projects in France and abroad.


Geomines celebrates St. Barbara

[December 4th 2020]

Geomines team wishes a happy day to all firefighters, deminers, firemen and Civil Security personnel on this day of St. Barbara, Patron Saint of fire and lightning related professions.


Nathalie Felines appointed Vice President of GICAT

Nathalie FELINES, President of Geomines, was appointed on December 3, 2020, Vice-President of the GICAT by its Board of Directors, on the proposal of its President, Marc DARMON.

This is a strong testimony of the place given to the security…