Historical studies of UXO contamination

Taking into account the risk of UXO contamination is mandatory for local authorities and public works companies. Such requirement applies to the construction of infrastructure and the conclusion of commercial transaction (sale, property transfer) alike.

The historical study highlights presumptions of UXO contaminations. It qualifies and quantifies the residual ammunition risk, while estimating its distribution on the studied sites. The conclusions of the historical studies are taken into consideration during the design phase of a project, thus structuring possible additional field investigations.

It may lead to the conduct of search, neutralisation, removal and destruction operations for ammunition, booby traps, devices and explosives.

UXO Survey by Geomines

UXO surveys cover the detection, the localisation and characterisation of objects, mainly metallic ones, buried in the ground or present on the seabed and that may correspond to unexploded ordnance (UXO) or explosive remnants of war (ERW).

Different geophysical techniques are used (magnetometry, electromagnetism, radar, underwater acoustics, etc.) to establish geophysical imagery of the entire right-of-way, in 2D or 3D, on a map or in section. The operations carried out by Geomines’ teams enable the detection, characterisation and analysis of data in order to discriminate and select anomalies that are similar to that caused by explosive remnants of war (ERW).

The methodology followed by Geomines to carry out surveys includes a preparatory work phase: site layout, visual safety inspection, clearing or deconstruction of structures.

Two main areas of intervention

UXO Land Survey

UXO Underwater Survey

Our equipment

Geomines possesses the necessary equipment to carry out UXO land survey, adapted to all types of terrains encountered and the nature of the objects sought thanks to magnetometric and electromagnetic detection (Magnex 120, caesium vapour, EM61, UPEX 740M, Georadar scanning etc.)

Geomines team qualifications

Our site supervisors and operators have all the necessary skills, training and qualifications to carry out UXO survey and clearance: SST qualifications, N1 and N2 for chemical risk, SS4 for asbestos, continuous training etc.

Our key added value

Geomines relies on its own in-house team of geophysicists, specifically dedicated to the collection and analysis of geophysical data, supervised by a PhD in geoscience.

Our equipment

Correctly identifying and classifying potential UXOs is essential for underwater sites.

Geomines uses a marine magnetometer, coupled with a side-scan sonar and a sediment sounder, which can both detect magnetic anomalies and discriminate potential UXOs from other obstacles.

Geomines team certifications

  • Clearance divers from the French Navy
  • Hyperbaric certification (CAH) class II or III mention A
  • Qualification BOSIET – HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)
  • Certification of the company based on the Order of September 29, 2017 related to the certification of companies carrying out hyperbaric works

Our key added value

Underwater activity form a decisive and integral part of Geomines’ identity. Our teams of divers, former French Navy mine-clearance divers, hold all the certifications for conducting deep-sea pyrotechnic operations.

Historical studies and UXO survey enable mine-clearance operations to be carried out

Land clearance
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Underwater clearance
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