Inventory and storage site visits

To guarantee a high-quality technical assessment in line with their customers expectations, Geomines’ experts carry out site visits, in order to establish an inventory of the ammunitions concerned and evaluate existing storage measures.

Experts from Geomines, former members of the French armed forces, have access to daily updated databases. They also possess all the skill-sets and certifications necessary for the technical assessment of ammunitions.

Audits and recommendations of storage infrastructures

As part of the modernisation and security enhancement of storage infrastructures, Geomines conducts audits of existing facilities. When laying out the initial diagnosis, Geomines pays a particular attention to its customer’s needs with a thorough and detailed examination of input data: site, neighborhood constraints, stored ammunition.

In order to guarantee the choice of safe approach and the use of the best existing technologies, Geomines relies on a set of regulations adapted to specific mission contexts (IMAS, IATG, STANAG, AASTP…) and regularly monitors new developments.

Audits and recommendations of stored weapons and ammunitions

Geomines also carries out audits on stored ammunition (missiles, bombs, shells, rockets, etc.) in order to assess their degree of dangerousness depending on their storage conditions and their manufacturing year. 

X-Ray inspection of ammunition

The inspection of each piece of ammunition using an X-ray machine can be added to the audits processes. Such approach enables to thoroughly analyse ammunition’s components and assesses cracks, delamination and identify anomalies, together with their precise location. It also help reduce handling and transportation associated risks.

Geomines’ experts define the safest actions to be taken in accordance with their conclusions. A personalised proposal is drawn up based on customers expectations, from the construction of new depots to the ammunition destruction process itself. The regulations adapted to each country serve as a basis for the reflection carried out.