Geomines key figures
years of experience
Disposal of +900
UXOs between 2020 and 2022
Detection of +8
millions square meters between 2020 and 2022
+ 20
mine-clearance specialists

Risk assessments, surveys and clearance operations are all essential services for public and private organisations physical facilities’ safety

What is UXO contamination ?

UXO contamination concerns all types of unexploded ordnance, whether fired (artillery ammunition, mortars, rockets, missiles, torpedoes), dropped (bombs, submunitions, sea mines), thrown (grenades) or laid (landmines).

Due to the complexity of their firing mechanisms and usage conditions, a significant percentage of the ammunition used during conflicts did not detonate.

All or part of these UXOs are likely to be found on military ground, combat areas or more generally on any infrastructure of strategic interest during conflicts, such as railway areas, sea and river ports, airports, fuel depots etc.

The effects of time lead to the gradual deterioration of the components, increasing their lethal potential.

Geomines provides their customers with support across the full range of their UXO clearance-related needs, both in France and abroad :