Historical study of UXO pollution

Taking into account the risk of UXO contamination is mandatory for local authorities and public works companies. Such requirement applies to the construction of infrastructure and the conclusion of commercial transaction (sale, property transfer) alike.

The historical study highlights presumptions of UXO contaminations. It qualifies and quantifies the residual ammunition risk, while estimating its distribution on the studied sites. The conclusions of the historical studies are taken into consideration during the design phase of a project, thus structuring possible additional field investigations.

It can lead to the conduct of detection, securing and/or UXO clearance operations.

Our methodology

The historical and documentary research analyzes among other things:

  • The geographical situation of the site
  • The inventory of the historical facts of the last three conflicts that could have caused a pollution on the site
  • Activities and/or events likely to have caused UXO pollution
  • The inventory of UXO clearance operations and interventions in the context of chance discoveries (maps, type of munitions, location, depth of discovery, certificates)
  • All relevant aerial photographs and plans to support the above facts.

This information is collected through numerous searches of archives, both civilian and military, with the competent demining services and testimonies of key persons.


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