UXO land clearance by Geomines

Geomines’ teams work on clearing landmines and explosive ordnance from buildable land, such as military sites, industrial sites, airports, railway stations or pipelines.

The operations are carried out using detection tools and specific equipment. Depending on the sites and targets to be cleared, Geomines gives priority to either mechanical or manual clearance methods.

Geomines is committed

Geomines respect the environment and is committed to use the necessary resources for the protection of water resources, public and private roads, local cultural heritage and protected species present on areas of operation.

Storage areas are rigorously marked and Geomines’ teams provide specialized, appropriate waste management and disposal services.

Assistance to private companies

Committed to supporting companies and businesses, Geomines offers them consultancy, assistance and support services in the context of UXO clearance operations aimed at protecting their personnel and staff: team support, surveys, detection operations, QA/QC, signage/marking and storage of discovered ammunition, in collaboration with local authorities. Geomines also offers assistance to companies for the reopening of sites and roads.

Our added value for UXO land clearance

Geomines relies on the continuous training of its employees and high-performance ISO 9001-certified processes in order to remain at the forefront of innovation and knowledge of mine-clearance activities.