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If the Geomines’ teams operate mainly on behalf of major operators, be they from the public or private sector, they are also involved in the preparation of major European film productions!

Geomines’ teams have thus contributed to the pre-production of the Dunkirk film (Christopher NOLAN, 2017). Indeed, three specialized operators have been dispatched, in order to carry out diagnosis and pyrotechnic clearance operations of the beach of Dunkirk. The aim of these operations was two-fold: firstly, to ensure the safety of the film crew and secondly, to create optimal conditions for the implementation of special effects.

More recently, the shooting of the French Chant du Loup movie (Antony BAUDRY, 2019) was also rendered possible thanks to the support of Geomines. The Risk&Co Group’s operators carried out pyrotechnic diagnoses in one section of the Ile du Levant (Hyères, Var), thus making it possible to constitute the cache of the combat swimmers of the French Navy commandos, who appear in the first part of the film.