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Among the many trump cards at Geomines’ disposal, Bruno is our expert for underwater projects. As the person in charge, he manages the setting up of the site from A to Z: he carries out the administrative tasks, provides the equipments and premises required for the site and defines the intervention schedule. This is a technical and field job, where Bruno works in two stages: first, he detects and maps anomalies on the seabed. To do this, he uses three instruments (magnetometer, sonar, sediment penetrator) to target potential UXO. He then carries out a diving operation to indicate the location of the submerged targets, using a system of buoys. Thanks to his expertise, we have carried out several underwater projects for the Eiffage Group and for the Ministry of the Armed Forces – in particular for the Service d’Infrastructure de la Défense (SID), which is dedicated to the management of the military assets and infrastructures of our three Armies, both in France and during OPEX.

Bruno acquired his versatility through a complete professional career: he began his career in the French Navy as a clearance diver for twelve years. Then he flew to Canada, where he worked for several years with the Canadian government to dismantle security companies with illegal practices. Back in France, he joined the Pyrotechnis company as a diver. He has now been working in UXO clearance with the Geomines team for five years.

Thanks to his experience as a diver and as a clearance diver, Bruno has developed a real expertise in underwater anomaly detection and UXO clearance. His profile as a former military man reinforces the adaptability and flexibility of our teams, which we deploy according to the hazards of the field but above all according to the needs of each of our clients