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Pyrotechnic pollution of beaches and seabeds is still a problem in France and often abroad. Successive conflicts in France have left our ports, lakes and beaches littered with explosive devices. The summer period is a time of chance discoveries along the beaches and this threat represents a danger for many tourists and communities.

Underwater pyrotechnical clean-up is an integral part of Geomines’ DNA, we asked Frédéric Bassemayousse to immortalise our diagnostic and target identification missions with his photographic eye, passionate about the sea and this unusual profession.

A French photographer and professional diver, Frédéric has captured the birth of a sperm whale, the coral reefers in Corsica, archaeological digs and the new underwater technologies of the French Navy. He has won several awards, notably at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes. Through his activities, he is dedicated to the protection of the environment alongside associations and NGOs, as well as to research and work on underwater wrecks.

He followed us for a day on our boat, the OVNI, and to photograph our divers using the sediment hoover, the probe or the Galeazzi to uncover targets in the depths, as well as the diving station which allows the diver’s progress to be followed from the surface, and three of our divers, Gérard, Bruno and Christophe.

Click here to see pictures of our underwater pyrotechnical diagnosis and decontamination activity.

See Frederic Bassemayousse’s photos on his website and at the release of his next book on the Red Sea.