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On Monday afternoon, Geomines was given a demonstration of the ROV R7 manufactured by Exail Robotics, designed to identify and destroy UXO at sea. Fabien LUCAS, Eve Bonnardel – Schaar and Sarah Chaumeix were able to discover this ROV, which can be used to carry out surveys at depths of up to 300 meters. Fast, easy to handle and equipped with an OrphieScaph camera and sonar, the ROV R7 provides a better view in rough waters and high-quality images in real time.

We would like to thank Captain Jerome Pernot, Commander of the Diving School, and the Pôle Écoles Méditerranée of the French Navy, for making the site of the Diving School in Saint-Mandrier available to us. Thanks also to EXAIL Robotics, and especially to Nicolas Astruc and Lionel Rosellini for this successful demonstration !