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On 22 January 2021, UXO – L’Union Professionnelle des Entreprises de Dépollution Pyrotechnique (Professional Union of Pyrotechnic Depollution Companies) elected a new board with Nathalie FELINES, Geomines, as President, David GOMEZ, SUEZ REMEDIATION, as Vice-President and Alexandre CHARLES, EOD-EX, as Treasurer

The UXO secretariat is provided by Cédric Klajbert, SINEX, Land and Underwater Pyrotechnic Clearance.

At a new Assembly held on 17 March, the UXO welcomed four new members representing les Chargés de Sécurité Pyrotechnique – CSP (Pyrotechnic Safety Officers – PSOs): CESP, DEKRA, ESP CONSEIL and ELENKHOS.

Stephane COTTIN, ELENKHOS joined the board to represent them.

Now attached to SYNDUEX, within the FNTP, the new UXO board will work in close collaboration with the other members to represent them with the public authorities and to study, in particular, questions relating to the evolution of pyrotechnic regulations.


The picture shows the members of UXO.