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From the Army to the construction site: the incredible career path of our UXO clearance operator

In our team of experts, Sylvain is our topographer and site manager for over five years. He is responsible for the site preparation, ensuring the safety of the operators, managing the teams, adapting the financial profitability logic to the hazards of the site (weather for example). And that’s not all: thanks to his experience in the Army and his vision as a topographer, he carries out UXO surveys, field preparations and team management ! Indeed, Sylvain monitors the work and performance of five staff throughout the year through individual and technical interviews.

The strength of Sylvain’s profile lies in his unusual background: after initial training as a topographer geometer, he served for 21 years in the Army’s engineering service. He started his career as a deminer, then became a works manager after only two years. Sylvain’s work is adaptative: on military camps or air bases, in France or abroad for overseas operations… Sylvain has participated in military operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, the Sahel and the Central African Republic! His speciality: in operation, checking if a field can be used as an airstrip.

After a brief period of retraining, Sylvain joined Geomines where he was trained as an UXO clearance operator. He has even become our specialist in land and aircraft construction ! He is a key element within Geomines : as a former soldier, he has cultivated a whole professional network with the Defence Infrastructure Service, he knows how the Ministry of the Armed Forces operates and the communication to adopt. His experience in the field allows us to guarantee our clients a relevant management of our sites, but also an unrivalled versatility, a strong personal adaptability and an excellent customer responsiveness.