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Geomines teams welcome a new member and improve their geophysical data analysis and interpretation capabilities.

The Geomines teams are proud to announce the arrival of Ms. Tiphaine Zitter among their members.

Ms. ZITTER is a geophysical engineer by training. She defended a thesis on the acquisition, processing and interpretation of marine data at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Mrs. ZITTER continued her research in this field, collaborating for nearly 8 years with the European Centre for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences (CEREGE) in Aix en Provence.

She then provided her expertise by carrying out numerous terrestrial geophysical analysis services for the benefit of various actors (engineering offices, local authorities, etc.).

Her arrival will enable Geomines teams to improve their analysis services and refine the interpretation of geophysical data from pyrotechnic diagnostics, both on land and underwater.