Geomines’ expertise requested in the construction of the second pontoon bridge of the French Navy’s multi-mission frigates (FREMM)

After the construction, in 2012, of the first pontoon bridge by the Brest Infrastructure Department, a second facility will give Geomines a new opportunity to demonstrate its expertise. The teams in charge of underwater diagnoses and works will deploy their full expertise to ensure that the setup operations are carried out safely.


Geomines’ experts to secure the future pool & swimming complex of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Geomines’ teams have been selected to perform pyrotechnic clearance operations, in order to secure the future pool & swimming complex for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The “La Plaine Saulnier” site, which will be located in Saint-Denis (93), right next to the Stade de France, will host swimming, diving and synchronised swimming competitions.

This unique kind of pool complex will have a capacity of 15,000 seats. It will not only be used to host the Parisian edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, since the infrastructure will be part of the legacy of the Games and, as such, returned to the city’s inhabitants once the Games are over.

In this context, the work of Geomines’ experts is crucial in order to ensure that the construction works can be launched safely and meet the Games’ schedule.

This work will take place during the second half of 2019 and will cover 12 hectares of land. The mine-clearance teams will carry out three series of services, namely: the drafting of a historical study of the site, then the carrying out of a pyrotechnic audit based on these conclusions, before securing the associated geotechnical soundings.

Geomines’ teams are proud to secure a project that will contribute to France’s reputation by welcoming athletes and an audience from all over the world, and by ensuring the legacy of the Games.


Geomines’ knowhow highlighted in the specialised public works press

Travaux, a magazine known for its coverage of public works, in France and abroad, has become, since its foundation in 1917, a real showcase for all professions and services contributing to such works.

The 949th edition of the magazine, published in March 2019, deals more specifically with the issues related to railways and underground stations. Such sites must, indeed, comply with very specific implementation constraints and are, as such, particularly concerned by mine clearance activities.

Diagnoses and mine clearance activities must, indeed, be integrated well in advance in the construction process. They contribute directly to the protection of property and people, while ensuring business and service continuity.

This 949th edition devotes a long report to Geomines, highlighting the high level of technical expertise developed by Geomines’ teams, following two decades of activities for the benefit of major operators in the field of public works, among other customers.

In this edition, Christian JOFFRE, Geomines’ Manager for France and former French Navy EOD diver, presents the main stages of demining projects, before elaborating on the specificities of the demining profession; a good opportunity to review some of Geomines’ most recent successes, such as securing the underwater construction site of the future Pont de Sèvres station, as part of so-called Grand Paris Express.