Interview with Geomines on Fun Radio

On Monday 22 March, Fabien LUCAS, former mine clearance diver in the French Navy and technical director of Geomines was interviewed on Fun Radio at 7.45am by Bruno Guillon.
With enthusiasm and passion, he explained the job of deminer…


News for the French pyrotechnic clearance sector

On 22 January 2021, UXO – L’Union Professionnelle des Entreprises de Dépollution Pyrotechnique (Professional Union of Pyrotechnic Depollution Companies) elected a new board with Nathalie FELINES, Geomines, as President, David GOMEZ, SUEZ REMEDIATION, as Vice-President and Alexandre CHARLES, EOD-EX, as…


Press review

Current events remind us why Geomines exists. Our sites are plentiful, and it is estimated that there are still 400 to 500 years of pyrotechnical clearance to be carried out before all the remains of the war are neutralised. And…